The Surge Is More Than Just “Sci-fi Dark Souls”

The easiest way to explain a new game to someone is to directly compare it to another game they already know. It’s “Kirby meets Carmageddon”, a “gritty take on Candy Crush” or, in the case of much of what I’d seen and heard about Deck 13’s The Surge, “It’s Dark Souls with a Sci-Fi twist”.

While the developers clearly took several cues from the Souls series – both feature the challenging and strategic melee combat, circuitous open worlds, and environmental storytelling that have become so prevalent in the hardcore action RPG genre lately – that comparison sort of negates all of the work that they’ve put in to set themselves apart from their contemporaries, too. After watching The Surge in action for myself at E3 last week, I could see that while there was certainly more than a hint of inspiration from the Souls genre, it also has the potential to be more than just “Dark Souls with mechs”.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews