Umbrella Corps Review

Perhaps to avoid damaging the still-beloved horror series’ brand, the clumsy multiplayer shooter Umbrella Corps doesn’t carry the Resident Evil name even though it takes place in the same universe. Its movements feel sluggish, its combat is mindless and predictable, and its lack of personality ensures it’s just another rotting face in the crowd. The few times Umbrella Corps brings good ideas to the table, it kills them with such efficiency that it almost feels intentional. I can’t recall another recent game that feels as lost and confused as this one.

So much about Umbrella Corps makes no sense. For starters, this is a cover-based shooter with cover that doesn’t matter, and can even be a disadvantage. In addition to enemy players, multiplayer maps are dense with zombies that attack anything nearby. You know what’s easy prey for the ravenous undead? A soldier tucked behind a wall or into a corner. By default, players are equipped with a jamming device that keeps zombies at bay, but it’s very easily disrupted or shot off by enemies. Sitting in cover for more than a few seconds is akin to basting your face in barbecue sauce.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews