Where Does E3 Go Next?

For all the traditional money-dripping, fan-friendly stage shows and effulgent gameplay trailers,  this year’s E3 felt a little deflated. A glance at the desert-like outer limits of the South Hall, devoid of giants Activision and EA, further fuelled the whispers permeating the industry – is E3 in its death throes?

The short answer is no, but just like the mainstream video game industry itself, E3 is going through something of a transitional period. Gaming has changed drastically over the last decade; we have more platforms, more business models, more ways to play, more niches than ever before, and that’s before we get into the biggest questions of 2016: how will consumers react to the new era of console ‘upgrades’? Will eSports (itself a collection of siloed audiences) go truly mainstream? And will VR fulfil on its promise this time? Gaming is in an uncertain but exciting place, in which change and transition is the norm.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews