Agents of SHIELD Just Had a Big Ghost Rider Reveal

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD dove into Robbie Reyes’ origin story in its latest episode, and revealed an unexpected wrinkle in the process.

Full spoilers for Agents of SHIELD continue below.

Deviating from the comics pretty heavily, Agents of SHIELD revealed in “The Good Samaritan” that, seemingly, another Ghost Rider granted Robbie his powers. In fact, that Ghost Rider very likely is Johnny Blaze.

While Agents of SHIELD never explicitly says that the flaming figure — who Robbie identifies as “the Devil” — is Johnny, there’s plenty to suggest Robbie got his abilities from the other iconic Ghost Rider. In the episode, Robbie recalls flying out of his Dodge Charger during the wreck that lost his brother his ability to walk and praying, saying he would do anything if it meant Gabe would live. In the conversation with Daisy and his younger brother, Robbie then remembers that he died, only to get his powers from a flaming-skulled man in a leather jacket.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews