American Horror Story: “Chapter 8” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

How do you extend the second half of the season by an extra episode? Why, you spend some quality time getting to know the Polk clan. Because that’s what we’ve been wanting this whole time: some backstory on the gross cannibals.

It was amusing for a hot minute to watch Freak Show’s Finn Wittrock ugly it up as Jether, the hillbilly videographer, but this was basically just a numbing hour of people getting tortured and killed, whether it was the ladies down in the Polk compound or Dom and Shelby back at the house. Characters were either tied to chairs or running from ghouls, with no real hope in sight.

I suppose, if I had to root for anyone at this point, it’s Lee. Of those who were remaining at the top of the episode, she feels like the most fleshed out (pun intended) and flawed character. Audrey and Dom are cartoonishly conceded satires of actors and Monet is…well, I’m not fully sure what her deal is. She’s pretty harsh and she became a drunk while playing Lee. That’s it really. So Lee’s the way to go here. Though with all her talk of Flora this week, I’m wondering if the tenth and final episode will show us a grown up Flora seeking revenge on the all the evils of the swamp house. I’d actually be down for that.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews