Atlanta: Season 1 Finale Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

On one hand, Atlanta ended its first season with an episode very much in tone with the series, telling a fairly self-contained and entertaining story. On the other hand, it felt like there was some more overt acknowledgement that this was a season finale, due to a couple of notable events.

First off, Paper Boi is going on tour! It’s a nice win for Paper Boi and Earn, and seems to indicate that maybe things are going in the right direction – underlined by Paper Boi actually giving Earn a bunch of cash as his manager’s fee.

The other moment of note was that ending, as we saw the truth about where Earn lives when he’s not staying with Van and the harsh reality of a guy who has so little to his name, he’s staying in a storage locker. Of course, Paper Boi’s success could lead to much greener pastures for Earn, so even while the episode ended on this melancholy note, there was cause for optimism.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews