Owlboy Review

Owlboy is a game about weakness, but for its lovable cast of characters, individual weaknesses only strengthen their bond as a team of misfits seeking to save the world.

This theme gracefully weaves itself throughout their thrilling, dungeon-diving adventures, but manifests most strongly in the creative approach to its retro 2D, Metroidvania-style combat and exploration that brings both variety and charm to every moment of Owlboy’s roughly 10-hour journey.

Owlboy often goes the extra mile to rationalize its mechanics in the context of its characters, world, and lore – an effort that brings all of its elements together in a nice, neat package. You can see this most clearly in Owlboy’s distinctive movement and combat. Our hero, a young student named Otus, can’t do much on his own except fly, roll, and spin. Zooming around the gorgeous, detailed, and moderately-sized open world feels straightforward, which kept me in comfortable control of Otus at all times. Owlboy’s heroic score made soaring through the skies especially exciting. But despite its tight and fun controls, this limited moveset won’t always get Otus out of a bind when things start to get dangerous. That’s where things get interesting.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews