The Flash: “Monster” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

It’s interesting how similar this week’s new episodes of The Flash and Supergirl were. Both dealt with a flashy conflict that sounded great on paper but didn’t quite coalesce in practice. And both made up for that flaw with strong character moments. “Monster” is another solid reminder that the Team Flash dynamic really is the show’s greatest asset.

Where last night’s Supergirl was all about an alien fight club in National City, “Monster” unleashed a giant kaiju beast on Central City. Unfortunately, that’s not really a premise that can be fully realized on a network TV budget, so we had to settle for “holographic kaiju that causes some car crashes and blown transformers.” Aside from Flash’s failed AT-AT attack and the neat slow motion sniper sequence, this oversized foe didn’t do much to test the Scarlet Speedster on a physical level.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews