The Walking Dead #160 Review

The Walking Dead’s “The Whisperer War” storyline passes the halfway mark with this issue, as the battle between Alexandria and the Whisperers begins to have unforeseen and very destructive consequences. It’s great to see that Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard are willing to push this conflict in unpredictable directions, but this arc’s unusual structure and presentation remains the book’s worst enemy at the moment.

Interestingly, this issue mostly ignores prominent characters like Rick, Michonne and Negan in favor of spotlighting the likes of Maggie and Dwight. Both have crucial roles to play here. On one hand, Dwight is reluctantly forced to adopt the methods of the Whisperers in order to survive a zombie onslaught. He features in an especially strong scene that explores the need to maintain rules and morals even in the thick of battle. On the other, Maggie finds suddenly herself in the middle oft he war between the Whisperers and Alexandria. Maggie has appeared far less often than she deserves in recent years, so it’s nice to see this issue making up for lost time. And in general, this issue does a great job of re-escalating the conflict and pushing “The Whisperer War” in new and exciting directions in its latter half.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews