24: Legacy Episode 2 Review

Warning! This review contains full spoilers about the plot of the latest episode of 24: Legacy. Proceed as Jack Bauer would!

With episode two settling into 24: Legacy’s normal Monday night slot, this installment served as a better introduction to the world and its inhabitants. While we get more information than in the pilot, but I can’t help but feel like something’s missing. Carter needs to get his hands on some serious cash, CTU has a pulse, school’s out for one of our characters… and that damn mole issue may be over.

Poor Drew. What a bad way to go out. Killed by your girlfriend’s lover. Heartbreak is the ultimate evil. Sure, there’s that whole part about them being terrorists, but that heartbreak!! Amira and Mr. Harris were just one of the sleeper cells on the flash drive, which I am upset I didn’t pick up on last episode. The high school storyline is the most intriguing in these first episodes because how different from an expected “24” storyline it is, and it arguably had the most action this week.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews