Justice League Dark Review

The creepy-crawly heroes of the DC Universe have come out to play for Justice League Dark, the latest animated effort from DC Entertainment and a stark departure from what viewers have come to expect. Instead of featuring the statuesque, beautiful icons of the Justice League, this story pulls back the curtain on the supernatural heroes who might be mistaken for villains if you didn’t know any better. Exploring the dark depths of these lesser-known characters makes for a captivating and thrilling story, an excellent step into the weirder side of the superhero genre.

Justice League Dark isn’t a direct adaption of the comic of the same name, but rather loosely borrows its cast and concept. There’s a magical threat the Justice League isn’t fit to handle (people are imagining everyone around them as demons and taking violent measures to be rid of them), so Batman teams with sorcerer/conman John Constantine and stage-magician-who-does-real-magic Zatanna to round up a group of supernatural heroes that can help. As Constantine puts it, “The capes and tights crew? Useless against magic.” and so assembles the Justice League Dark.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews