The Walking Dead Super Bowl Promo: Football Is Over

One of the advantages to splitting a season of television in half the way The Walking Dead does every season is it affords an opportunity for course correction. The first half of season 7 was marked by a near record-setting ratings winner with a bloody and divisive premiere episode that went heavy on the violence to make sure those watching were as certain of Negan’s intentions as the characters living them. The follow up was a different story, though, as Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s bat-wielding madman proved a questionable draw as the season’s ratings dipped noticeably in the aftermath of Glenn and Abraham’s grisly deaths.

For all the criticism The Walking Dead faced during the first half of season 7, the show stuck to its guns, leaving Rick and the other survivors together in a united front ready to face off against Negan and his Saviors. It was the kind of …

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