YouTuber Pleads Guilty to FIFA Ultimate Team Gambling Charges

YouTuber Craig “Nepenthez” Douglas has plead guilty to several FIFA Ultimate Team gambling charges under the UK Gambling Act.

Eurogamer reports that Douglas, who previously said he was innocent of advertising unlawful gambling and promoting a lottery, has changed his plea and has been ordered to pay £91,000k/$113,730USD in fines and costs. He will avoid a jail sentence as a result.

Douglas and his business partner Dylan Rigby, who’s been ordered to pay £174,000/$271,460 in fines, ran an unregulated gambling website called FUT Galaxy, which let players place bets using Ultimate Team’s coin-based currency. Evidence was found suggesting Douglas inaccurately advertised himself, through his videos, using the site and winning thousands of pounds. He also did not mention that he was the owner of the site.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews