Black Sails Creators Discuss the Series Finale

Warning: Full spoilers for the final episode of Black Sails follow…

So how about that for a final episode? Woodes defeated, and humiliated. Max, Jack, and Anne returning to Nassau to rule the roost. Silver making one final deal with Flint – one that leads the Captain back to his lost love, Thomas! It was an exciting and emotional finale that spared lives and sent us on our way with a smile.

I spoke to Black Sails creators Jonathan Steinberg and Robert Levine about the way everything ended, the impressive final action sequence, the pathway to Treasure Island, and more.

IGN: I was surprised that everyone made it out of the series finale alive and, for the most part, with happy endings. What was behind the choice to not load up on the death on your way out?

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Source:: IGN -Reviews