Comic Review: Plague #1

Plague #1

Written by Dennis MaGee Fallon and Jason Palmatier
Art by Zach Brunner
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Markosia Comics
Release Date: March 29, 2017
Cover Price: $1.99

You might remember a couple of months ago I reviewed a comic titled Lords of the Cosmos #1. I found it to be entertaining and unique for the most part. Well, the same writers have a new offering for us by the name of Plague #1! And while the subject matter is remarkably different, the same pizzazz remains.

The year is 1352 and the bubonic plague is sweeping through Europe and killing people by the millions. Sadly, more than mankind is suffering; even the fey have been struck by this blight upon the earth. As the faerie king lay dying, his son returns home to find him succumbing to the ravages of the Black Death. It is upon that deathbed that the prince swears to save his folk at any cost. […]

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