Into the Badlands: “Red Sun, Silver Moon” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

So many great adventure stories hinge on two warriors meeting on a bridge, and that was the case with Into the Badlands this week. This episode introduced a memorable new player in the form of Moon (Westworld’s Sherman Augustus) even as a major new showdown loomed for the Barons of the Badlands. And even if the end result felt very much like a transitional episode, there was no shortage of entertainment to be had this week.

Augustus certainly impressed in his debut performance. It takes a special kind of physical presence to share the screen with Daniel Wu and actually make him look like the underdog in battle, and Augustus pulled it off. Basically a wandering, masterless samurai in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, Moon is a clear reminder of what fate lies in store for Sunny if he fails to track down his family and reclaim what he lost. Maybe the parallels were a little too blatant (especially with the “on the nose” Sunny/Moon thing), but their half-camaraderie/half-rivalry dynamic worked well.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews