Better Call Saul: “Off Brand” Review

Full spoilers for Better Call Saul continue below.

Two and a half seasons in, Better Call Saul audiences finally got their introduction to the origins of Saul Goodman, the man of the hour.

Coming off the excellent “Chicanery,” Better Call Saul dove back into the many characters’ storylines running throughout Season 3. We checked back in with Nacho, caught up with Mike and his daughter, saw Gus and a very familiar associate finding a new base (more on that in a bit) and even saw Chuck trying to adjust to the knowledge his illness is mental, not physical.

But the real mic drop moment in this episode is Jimmy McGill taking on the identity of Saul for the first time. With any prequel series like Better Call Saul, we know this reveal is inevitable, and it’s fun how showrunners Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan managed to tie the reveal back to previously established scenarios. But what’s more interesting than how they incorporated the birth of Saul Goodman into the show is when he was introduced: notably, it’s after Jimmy’s big showdown with Chuck in last week’s episode.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews