8 New Shadowverse: Wonderland Dreams Cards

Shadowverse’s next expansion – Wonderland Dreams – will be out soon, and as the name suggests, it’s themed around classic fairy tales and fantasy; from Red Riding Hood to Alice in Wonderland.

“We wanted to show that the world of Shadowverse isn’t just about dark fantasy,” says Lead Game Designer Naoyuki Miyashita when I ask about the theme. “We wanted to show that it can also encompass the worlds of fairy tale and myth. So with that in mind we took the popular character Alice from our previous game Rage of Bahamut and created a new world around her.” This is reflected from a gameplay perspective too. “More so than in previous expansions,” Miyashita-san confirms, “there are a lot of cards with abilities that were directly inspired by the flavor or theme of the card.”

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Source:: IGN -Reviews