American Gods: Season 1 Finale Review

Full spoilers for American Gods continue below.

The biggest problem with the Season 1 finale of American Gods is we’re left wanting so, so much more.

“Come to Jesus” was a delight on a number of levels, offering satisfying climaxes for several of the season-long arcs. Finally, Shadow Moon believes. Finally, Odin reveals himself. Finally, Laura Moon finds her husband (at least for longer than a few moments) and knows why she died. Finally, the war between the New and Old Gods has begun.

In that way, the finale paid off much of what was promised, but still I can’t help but wish this was a midseason finale instead of a full season finale. There’s so much untapped potential in Season 1 that I hope Starz delivers Season 2 sooner than later, similar to how the network split Outlander’s first season into two eight-episode half seasons that were less than a year apart. “Come to Jesus” didn’t offer so much of an ending as a “to be continued,” with many interesting characters only appearing for one episode. It’s a good problem to have that the finale left at least one audience member (me) wanting so much more.

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