Better Call Saul: Does [Spoiler] Die in the Season 3 Finale?

Huge spoilers for Better Call Saul’s Season 3 finale, “Lantern,” continue below. Read on at your own risk.

Better Call Saul’s Season 3 finale “Lantern” heavily foreshadowed what a pivotal role that object would have in the episode, but we didn’t expect the lantern would go down quite like that. In the closing moments of the finale, a broken Chuck kicks a gas lantern onto the paper-covered floor of his destroyed, picked apart house. The camera then pulls back to an exterior look at the house while we see it begin to go up in flames.

So does Chuck die? The immediate reveal of a suicide prevention hotline contact number seems to imply that all will not end well for Chuck, but director and co-showrunner Peter Gould promises this isn’t going to be the last we see of Michael McKean.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews