New Annabelle: Creation Images Keep Things Creepy

The evil vintage doll from The Conjuring is back and creepier than ever in new images from Annabelle: Creation. Despite appearing in only the first scene in the 2013 horror hit The Conjuring, the ghoulish doll Annabelle made such a monstrous impression on audiences that Warner Bros. was compelled to give the possessed inanimate object her own prequel movie, simply titled Annabelle, in 2014. Budgeted at a mere $6.5 million, Annabelle made a killing at the box office, pulling in $84.2 domestically and $172.6 million overseas for a whopping global take of $256.8 million.

Three years later, the evil plaything is back with another prequel tale that’s set before the events of the …

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Source:: ScreenRant