Game of Thrones: Season 7 Premiere Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the Game of Thrones: Season 7 premiere follow…


Honestly, I probably tend to over-score Game of Thrones premiere episodes because of the “I’m So Glad You’re Back” bump, and if you parse all of “Dragonstone” out you’ll find that very little happens. But we don’t really look to season openers for the truly big moments, right? They’re meant to masterfully draw us back into the world of the show and set the stage for the upcoming season. We rejoin everyone’s lives and see what direction they’ll initially head in.

“Dragonstone,” however, may be one of the most hotly-anticipated premieres of the series to date because of Daenerys’ return home and her arrival at Dragonstone. Arguably, Dany reaching the shores of Westeros for the first time is the pinnacle moment the show’s been building toward for seven years, and because of that I’m so happy they saved it for the final beats. In fact, I loved how the way “Dragonstone” both closed and (cold) opened. The choice to bring us back into the Twins for the mass execution of the remaining Freys was a vicious, crowd-pleasing way to cut the ribbon on Season 7. We may fear for Arya as she heads down to King’s Landing to try and claim her final prize but the moment where she lured an entire hall’s worth of soldiers to their doom helped provide a glimmer of hope. She goes big. Arya is not shrinking from this task.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews