GoT Showrunners Break Down Jon and Sansa Conflict

Full spoilers for Game of Thrones’ Season 7 premiere, “Dragonstone,” continue below.

Game of Thrones’ Season 7 premiere underlined that there is a conflict between Jon Snow’s ruling style as King of the North, and the way Sansa Stark thinks it’s smartest to rule over your subservient subjects.

Season 6 ended with Littlefinger exacerbating a conflict between Sansa and Jon with one pointed look, and Season 7 definitely picked up where that left off.

“I think there’s a little bit of resentment of that,” said David Benioff in the post-Game of Thrones episode breakdown. “She feels that she’s responsible in many ways for winning the Battle of the Bastards because she’s the one who got the Knights of the Vale to come North and join the fight. She feels like she hasn’t gotten quite enough credit for that, and she also thinks Jon is quite a bit naive.”

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Source:: IGN -Reviews