Preacher: “Dallas” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Since Tulip O’Hare first barged her way back into Jesse Custer’s life, Preacher has really played up the mystery of what happened to the duo back in Dallas and what drove them apart in the first place. We’ve seen pieces of that puzzle over the past year, but “Dallas” finally set about giving us the full story of what happened after that botched mission. Sadly, the takeaway is that it wasn’t really a story worth telling in the first place.

“Dallas” proved to be a very flashback-heavy episode, which was a pretty risky move in and of itself. Season 2 started strong with the first violent encounters between our heroes and the Saint of Killers, but that momentum has been gradually seeping away with the transition to New Orleans. Last week’s cliffhanger teased the imminent arrival of the Saint, and this episode felt like little more than a filler installment designed to pad out the time until the next big showdown a while longer.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews