Fuller House: Season 3 – Part 1 Review

This review is of the first half of Fuller House: Season 3, which dropped on Netflix on September 22nd. The rest of the season will arrive on Netflix at a later date.

Fuller House is the proof that nostalgia never dies, and the arrival of Season 3 of the Full House revival on Netflix shows that even the most simplistic of sitcoms can learn from its own mistakes. The second season of Fuller House was a bit of a mess, packed cringe-worthy jokes and too focussed on pop culture references to to fully embrace what makes it special: the lives of the Tanner-Fuller family.

As the season kicks off, the theme is immediately revealed. Whereas Season 2 focused on various holidays throughout the year, this time out the episodes encompass summer vacation. It’s an odd choice to make for a series debuting just as summer comes to an end but gives the show some ideas to play with none the less, whether it’s Jackson (Michael Campion) being stuck in summer school thanks to his terrible grades, or Max (Elias Harger) joining forces with Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) to throw a pool party.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews