Justice League: Iris West Reportedly Cut

Latest reports suggest that Iris West, the long-time love interest of Barry Allen (aka the Flash), will no longer make her cinematic debut in this year’s Justice League.

According to Batman News, all of Kiersey Clemons’ scenes as Iris West have reportedly been cut. Earlier this year, Clemons confirmed she was not involved in the recent reshoots, but said her introductory scenes as Iris are “sick.”

It’s important to note that this isn’t the end for the DCEU incarnation of Iris, as Clemons is still signed on to appear in The Flash: Flashpoint in 2018. It’s also possible Iris will appear in deleted scenes featured on Justice League’s Blu-ray release, much like how Jena Malone’s DC character appeared in the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray of Batman v Superman, after being cut from the theatrical release.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews