Dark Nights: Metal #3 Review

While Dark Nights: Metal is a story that encompasses the width and breadth of the DC Universe, the series and its prologue chapters have read pretty much like a Batman comic. Issue #3 makes for an interesting departure, as this is the first installment where Batman himself isn’t the main protagonist. The shift helps give the series an even wider sense of scope, even as Metal often feels bogged down by an overly overly script.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo nicely set the stage for this issue with a surprisingly pleasant opening scene involving a gathering of the Justice League and their families. It’s not immediately clear whether this scene is a flashback, a flash-forward or some sort elaborate hallucination, and that uncertainty alone gives the issue a welcome dose of tension starting out. The tone only grows more grim from there, as the creators quickly establish the dire stakes facing the universe as its dwindling band of heroes. This series clearly draws plenty of inspiration from the work of Grant Morrison, not least of which being the involvement of Barbatos itself, but the most important quality Metal shares with stories like Final Crisis is the fact that it presents a sense of overwhelming doom and evil.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews