Marvel Announces X-Men/Venom Crossover Poison X

Venom is going into space with the X-Men in the Marvel Comics event, “Poison X.” The six-part crossover will begin in X-Men Blue Annual #1.

Several months before the Marvel Legacy relaunch began restoring the status quo for classic characters, Eddie Brock reclaimed the “Venom” symbiote in his solo series in April. The character became the star of a miniseries titled Edge of Venomverse, a story intended to “Venomize” various fan-favorite characters by infecting them with the symbiote. The story led Marvel to release a spinoff series, Venomverse, that saw the debut of a new type of enemy called the Poisons. Beginning in December, is another Venom crossover, “Venom Inc.” that will involve three …

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Source:: ScreenRant