Why Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson Chose Hulu's Future Man

When you come from a world ravaged by war and you’ve fought in said war for your entire life, you’re going to have one hell of a skewed perspective. That’s one of the many issues Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson) face when they travel back in time from 2162 to get janitor and world-ranked gamer Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson) to come save the day in Hulu’s Future Man. The action comedy centers on the trio and the dynamic that develops when Tiger and Wolf realize Josh’s exceptional gamer skills don’t translate to being a real life hero.

It’s difficult for them to face at first. Eliza Coupe told IGN about Tiger’s reaction to the truth about Josh, “She thinks, ‘You won this, you have the skills. How can you not embody the skills on your online persona?’ It’s a devastating thing for her to face.”

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Source:: IGN -Reviews