Star Wars Movies That Need to Happen

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi about to hit theaters, fans are very focused on the continued evolution of the Skywalker saga, but let’s not forget that the standalone films — or “Star Wars Stories” — are also very much a thing. Rogue One was a hit, the young Han Solo film, Solo, is on its way, and Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is also working on a trilogy of films that is said to involve all new characters (whether or not these are considered part of the “A Star Wars Story” group remains to be seen).

Basically, there’s a vast appetite for more live-action adventures in the Star Wars universe even with tales that fall outside of the main saga. And while Disney and Lucasfilm may have rendered the Expanded Universe (the books, movies, games, etc. from before The Force Awakens) stories non-canon, the franchise still has an incredibly expansive mythology that’s only getting bigger. With that said, here are several Star Wars Stories that we would love to see get made — from ancient Jedi to Underworld to Obi-Wan and more. Click through for all of our picks…

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Source:: IGN -Reviews