Secret X-Men Movie '143' Reportedly in the Works

A new X-Men movie is reportedly in the works at Fox with prolific comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis on script duties and Deadpool helmer Tim Miller in the director’s chair, and if substantiated it looks like it’s a Kitty Pryde solo movie.

Deadline reports that little is known about the project other than it is set in the X-Men Universe, and has the title ‘143’. X-Men comic fans might surmise that the title could refer to Uncanny X-Men #143, in which Kitty Pryde faces off against a demon in the X-mansion at Christmas-time. Indeed, with Miller attached and the 143 nod, all signs point to the solo film for Kitty Pryde that was rumored last month. This could still be interrupted by the Disney buyout of Fox, however.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews