‘Vampyr’: Watch A Four-Part Video Series For Vampire RPG

We’ve seen some good trailers and gameplay for Vampyr, the upcoming vampire action-RPG from developer DONTNOD Entertainment.

Over the past handful of weeks, a series of new videos have been released looking at various aspects of the game. The first video looks at the character you play as, a doctor named Jonathan Reid who is newly turned into a vampire, as well as some of the monsters created for the game. The second video looks at some of the locations you visit in London, and also the music of the game. The third focuses on the approach to making significant NPCs, and how they and the story can be impacted when you choose to feed on one of them—which is not only important to the character as a vampire, but important to you the player as it’s how you gain XP. Finally, the fourth video explores what makes video games a unique storytelling medium.

You can check out all of the new Vampyr videos below […]

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