Blockers Review

If you’ve ever wanted to see John Cena butt-chug a forty through a funnel, Blockers is the movie for you! (If that’s your main reason for seeing the movie, we might need a longer talk.)

Questionable drinking games aside, Blockers is a raunchy teen comedy that also gives equal screen time to the adults, resulting in a film that — while occasionally feeling overstuffed — is still an original and overdue addition to the genre.

Movies like Porky’s and American Pie have been plumbing the depths of what horny high school dudes will do to lose their virginity for decades, but strangely, no film has ever explored that desire from the female perspective, at least not with the honesty and hilarity of Blockers. Pitch Perfect writer Kay Cannon makes her directorial debut here, confidently juggling her cast’s comedic instincts with a frenetic but engaging story, as three overprotective parents set out to try and prevent their daughters from losing their virginity over the course of one chaotic night.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews