New Lara Croft Aims to be 'More Relatable' Than Angelina Jolie's

For Tomb Raider screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet, one of the big challenges in bringing iconic video game heroine Lara Croft back to the big screen was crafting a character who was “more relatable” and less worldly than her predecessor Angelina Jolie’s “badass” incarnation.

“We all loved, of course, the Angelina Jolie movies, but we felt like that character felt so badass, and she’s so good at what she does, she knows already, she’s an archaeologist,”  Robertson-Dworet told me during a recent phone interview.

“She knows who she is already, as a person and professionally, and we really wanted to start out with a sort of more relatable, somewhat younger place, where Lara is figuring out who she is over the course of this story, and what she’s made of.”

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Source:: IGN -Reviews