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The old IGN Comics review roundup may be retired, but we still want to make sure readers have a place to come together and discuss their favorite books of the week. Scroll down to check out some of our reviews and opinion pieces from the past week, and then head down to the comments section to get the discussion started.

Written by Jason Aaron | Drawn by Russell Dauterman w/ Ryan Stegman

“By their very nature, superhero comics at the Big Two don’t often get to tell lengthy, complete stories with definitive endings. There’s always another story to tell and another bend in the road for these heroes. Part of the appeal with Jane Foster inheriting the mantle of Thor is that her story can truly end. There may always be more enemies to battle and deeds to accomplish for the Odinson, but Jane has been fighting against her inevitable death since her very first appearance in Jason Aaron’s run. And now that she’s reached the end of her road, this series is paying off on years of crucial build-up.” -Jesse

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