Fear the Walking Dead: Morgan Enters the Story… and You Won't Believe How it Ends

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow…

As someone who thinks Fear the Walking Dead definitely got better with each passing season, while also recognizing that it never existed without flaws (the plot would often drive the story more than the characters, meaning the characters would make unbelievable and/or bad choices so that certain story elements could happen) “What’s Your Story?” nicely reinvigorated the show with a shakeup-slash-overhaul.

I’m resisting the term “reboot” here, but the series shot us way ahead in time so that Morgan, from The Walking Dead, could join the story.

Keep in mind too that Fear the Walking Dead’s Season 3 finale ended with a huge action beat and a massive cliffhanger where many characters’ fates were unknown. Sure, you can look at the press materials and trailers for Season 4 and spot who survived the dam explosion, but it’s still a bold move for a show to leap way past the aftermath of such an event. For sure, it’s possible that future Season 4 episodes will fill us in on what exactly happened following the dam collapse but this premiere episode, “What’s Your Story?” pays it no mind at all.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews