FLCL: Alternative's Episode 1 Proves an FLCL Sequel Was a Good Idea

Adult Swim is bringing FLCL back for two new seasons featuring different protagonists: FLCL: Progressive airs in June, and FLCL: Alternative will get its six-episode run in September. In celebration of April Fool’s Day, Adult Swim aired the first episode of FLCL: Alternative in Japanese with English subtitles on Toonami. Below are our first spoiler-free impressions of what the Alternative sequel series has to offer.

When I think about FLCL, I think about it moving a million miles per hour as I frantically ingested Naota’s insane coming-of-age story. I think about Haruko Haruhara pulling out extraterrestrial beings from the 12-year-old’s head as they take on Medical Mechanica’s dangerous robots. FLCL: Alternative’s first episode mirrors the original anime’s speed and Haruko’s enthusiasm for meddling with other’s lives for her own benefit, but shifts its focus to 17-year-old Kana and her three other friends as they approach the end of high school.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews