How The Terror Created its Terrifying Monster

This story contains spoilers for The Terror episode 5, “First Shot a Winner, Lads.”

After a slow burn that took nearly five full episodes, The Terror has finally given viewers a good look at the creature that has been slowly picking off the crews of the HMS Terror and HMS Erebus. Tuunbaq, the bloodthirsty mythical monster, was exposed in “First Shot a Winner, Lads.” Its arrival was a long time coming, especially for the creative team that brought it to life.

Speaking during a press event for The Terror, VFX supervisor Frank Petzold said, “We started everything with an illustration.” That sketch of the creature was drawn by none other than Neville Page, who has served as creature designer on projects like Star Trek: Discovery, James Cameron’s Avatar, and Cloverfield, to name a few.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews