IAR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Columbus Short Talks 'The Girl Is in Trouble' and 'The Losers' Sequel

Actor Columbus Short stars in the new crime thriller The Girl Is in Trouble, which opens in theaters on April 3rd.

Short first gained attention for his performance in Stomp the Yard, and went on to appear in such films as Cadillac Records, Whiteout, Armored, Death at a Funeral, and the underappreciated action movie The Losers. But it was his role as Harrison Wright on the extremely popular ABC drama , Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and myself. Everyone has blossomed since that movie. I think it is the right time. We can call the studio out right now and say, hey guys, let us make another one! It was a bigger hit than it was probably perceived at the time. We came out in a crowded marketplace that summer where you have to remember The A-Team and The Expendables were also coming out. We were not stand alone, and that A-Team franchise is what Hollywood was really looking forward to. The Losers was an awesome franchise that deserves to be revisited I think. I am not a sequel champion, but I think this one does deserve it. I would love to go back and play with those guys.

The Girl Is in Trouble opens in theaters on April 3rd.

Source:: Rogue – Studio