The Walking Dead: So THAT'S How Lucille Got Its Name

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow…

Was it cool to hear the origin of Lucille’s name, even though it wasn’t exactly an extensive one? Of course. After the way Negan flipped out when Rick put his hands on “her,” we kind of had to hear the story sooner than later.

Would this episode have been better served though as a full hour-long Negan flashback? Hell yes!

By the way, before we dig into that, did anyone else feel a little weird about Lucille being the name of Negan’s wife? If he’s telling the truth, of course. Lucille helps him get through the world the way his wife, who was dying, helped him get through his past life, but Negan’s also sort of lusted over that barbed-wire bat in a way where he seemed to get turned on by all the heads it was about to bash in.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews