Westworld Begins with New Life and a Death (Maybe)

This review contains spoilers for the Westworld Season 2 premiere, titled “Journey Into Night.”

It’s been more than a year since Westworld left our screens, and while you’d be forgiven for forgetting all the twists, turns and secret identities revealed in the first season (Bernard = Arnold; Dolores = Wyatt; Man in Black = William; Teddy = confused) the show does appear to be a little more willing to reveal its hand in the Season 2 premiere, albeit while still falling into some of the same traps it set for itself in Season 1.

Unlike last season’s dual timeline twist, the premiere establishes up front that we’re working in several time periods: The night of the host uprising and the day after; some point approximately two weeks later, when Delos company man Karl Strand and his security team find Bernard on the beach with no memory of what he’s been up to since that night; and flashbacks to a nebulous period before that, when Arnold (or Bernard? Bernarnold?) was still having his philosophical debates with a non-sentient Dolores.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews