Announce Trailer and Gameplay Video For ‘RAGE 2’ Released

Back in 2011 a game called RAGE was released, which came from DOOM and Quake developer id Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks. Bethesda already has a post-apocalyptic franchise in Fallout, but this game was more of a Mad Max or Borderlands type of post-apocalyptic caused by an asteroid hitting the planet instead of a bunch of nuclear warheads.

While it was an enjoyable game for the most part, it also proved to be pretty forgettable as well. It’s not a game people talk about much, if at all. For that reason, it was a little bit surprising to find out that RAGE 2 is on the way. id Software is once again working on the game but this time they’re joined by a second developer in Avalanche Studios, who’s very familiar with open worlds and post-apocalyptic games having made the Just Cause series and their own Mad Max game in 2015.

To unveil the game a short announce trailer was released first, followed by a gameplay trailer. You can read more info on the game and watch the two trailers below […]

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