Borderlands 3 E3 Speculation Potentially Shut Down

Gearbox Software CEO and co-founder Randy Pitchford has seemingly closed the door on the possibility of Borderlands 3 appearing at E3 2018.

In a string of tweets, Pitchford, a well-documented magic enthusiast, laid the groundwork for the implication that Borderlands 3 will skip E3 with a magic-related metaphor. He described a performer who practices feats both real (“like hammer a nail into his face”) and fake (like a magic trick). “

once said (paraphrased), ‘When I make something vanish (which is a magic trick, and fake), people will swear that it is real. But when I eat a light bulb (which is not magic, and is real) people will swear that it is fake — a trick,’” said Pitchford.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews