Riverdale Finale and Hiram Lodge's Scheme Explained

After the Riverdale season 2 finale, the status quo has flipped and Hiram Lodge is on top – at least for now. The season 2 finale, ‘Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World’ was big one for Riverdale‘s own criminal kingpin. As explained by his daughter, Veronica, Hiram got everything he ever wanted and a little bit more added to the pot. Every scheme that Hiram plotted was pulled off and the finale revealed a few plot threads the audience didn’t even know were happening. However, all those victories might come at a price.

Hiram is riding on a high going into Riverdale season 3. Yet the seeds for his destruction have already been planted. Hiram’s victory could end up being very short-lived, even if Hiram did strike at (and potentially take down) the glue that holds Riverdale together, Archie Andrews.

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