The Flash Gears Up for an Epic Finale

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Given where last week’s episode left things, it feels like The Flash could have moved directly into its Season 4 finale this week. The fact that it didn’t is somewhat of a knock against “Think Fast.” Fortunately, there were enough strong moments this week to ensure that this episode didn’t merely play like filler.

In fact, the opening sequence may be one of the most memorable of the entire season. There’s nothing quite like seeing Clifford DeVoe unleash every one of his ill-gotten powers on a group of unsuspecting ARGUS soldiers. DeVoe’s attack was very stylishly presented, with the camera angles, in tandem. It’s a shame we haven’t seen DeVoe unleashed on this scale more often this season. Though to be fair, that sequence can’t have been easy or cheap to put together.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews