Dying Light 2's Choices Have Real Consequences

Techland’s E3 demo Dying Light 2  showed off its gunless, scrappy, European-esque city that echoed its vision for a “modern dark age”, and its main focus was how the player can change that city based on their choices. What I saw looked to be an ambitious sandbox with a ton of variations, one that is theoretically completely adaptable to the Dying Light world you want to build.

Of course, it’s still an Infested-filled city that forms our playground for parkour. There are now twice the amount of moves Dying Light 2, but Lead Designer Tymon Smektala reminds us that they’re “very difficult to master”. We were shown off Dying Light 2’s new ‘parkour puzzles’ – areas where you’re tasked with pulling off a number of moves before your stamina runs out – and they looked deliciously challenging.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews