Opinion: Xbox Is Playing For Tomorrow, But They're Playing to Win

Microsoft’s E3 press briefing was the one we needed, the one we deserved, and arguably their best one ever. They came into E3 2018 with fan confidence, perhaps, at an all-time low. Sure, the Xbox One X is a fantastic piece of hardware, but less-than-glowing review scores for Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 did nothing to change the negative narrative surrounding the quality and especially quantity of Xbox’s first-party output. In unleashing 50 games total at E3 — including 18 with exclusivity — and five new first-party game studios, Phil Spencer and the Xbox team made it clear that while the current-generation battle with Sony may be lost — at least in the hardware installed base department — Microsoft is playing for the next round and they’re playing to win.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews