Sable is an Unlikely Companion to Breath of the Wild

Shedworks’ Greg Kythreotis tells me that the first time that he and his development partner, Dan Fineberg, saw Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the response went something along the lines of: “oh s**t”.

The developers had been kicking around ideas for a game that featured a Ghibli-infused living comic artstyle, non-linear open world exploration, a peaceful outlook, even wall climbing across almost all surfaces. Except Breath of the Wild emerged out of Kyoto’s premier dream factory, and Sable is being made primarily by two men in a shed in north London.

The thing is, once Greg and Dan actually played Breath of the Wild, and saw the reaction to it, that comparison wasn’t a problem anymore. The public’s sheer delight at a game that offered the trappings of an open world without any of the clutter has actually bolstered their resolve – it might be way at the other end of the indie spectrum from Zelda, but Sable already feels less like an imitator and more like it’ll be a worthy member of the same new subgenre.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews