Why The Elder Scrolls 6 Might Be Set in Familiar Grounds

Like many fans, I spent the last few minutes of Bethesda’s E3 conference hootin’ and hollerin’ as my dreams came true when the words “The Elder Scrolls VI” came into view. I was doubly excited that the coastline featured in the teaser trailer apparently dashed those terrifying rumors of a “Skyrim 2”, but then I started to wonder, “Where could this be?”.

The five other main Elder Scrolls games have taken us to almost every corner of Tamriel. Arena actually encompassed most of the continent, letting you travel across the provinces, while Daggerfall encompassed parts of High Rock and Hammerfell. Morrowind was set in its namesake region, while Oblivion was centered in Cyrodiil, and finally, Skyrim in… Skyrim.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews