Siberia Review

One of the many things we have learned from movies is that the lives of international smugglers/assassins/criminals are impossibly classy and wonderfully posh (James Bond is certainly the ur-example, although the tradition carries on through John Wick, et al). But the world of international criminality is probably more accurate to what we see in Matthew Ross’ Siberia, a casually paced romantic thriller set largely in the sparsely populated Russian region of the title; that is: The life of a diamond smuggler is probably very slow and very boring and involves a lot of waiting, alone and drunk, in remote motel rooms.

In Siberia, Keanu Reeves plays a 51-year-old diamond smuggler named Lucas Hill who, at the film’s outset, must ask a dangerous client (Pasha D. Lychnikoff) for an extension on their deal. The blue diamonds he promised to sell are still in the hands of a missing compatriot named Pyotr, and Lucas has 48 hours to track Pyotr down in Siberia.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews